Your Event Contingency Plan for Fall: Building Future Proof Events For Fall

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With fall right around the corner, a lot of things still seem up in the air. Everything except your upcoming events! There is no reason you can’t be confident about your fall events because this is what you trained for in 2020, remember? Whatever comes this fall, you have the free technology, innovative ideas, and experience to help you adapt and thrive. While we expect to continue to see in-person events in the fall, now is the time to future-proof your event and ensure a successful giving season.

This webinar, Building Future-Proof Events for Fall is the first in our mini-series on Your Event Contingency Plan. In it, we will take you through the differences between 2020 and today, review best practices for creating a Hybrid Event with a built-in contingency plan, and provide a refresher of all GiveSignup | RunSignup’s free tools you need to ensure your event is ready to handle whatever the fall brings. 

We will cover:

  • How innovation can protect your events
  • Basic event modifications to help you succeed
  • Best practices for hybrid events
  • Keeping supporters engaged and active through a range of events

Don’t wait to make a plan. Your peers are moving forward with amazing events - and with the lessons of 2020, so can you.