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GivingTuesday is coming up fast, and now is the time to let your supporters know what you’re planning. How? Start with email marketing. With 91% of Americans checking their email every day, it’s the way to spread the word quickly and efficiently.

In this webinar, Your GivingTuesday Email Marketing Guide, our experts will break down the key components of a successful email marketing campaign - and walk you through how you can send your own free emails from the GiveSignup platform. 

During this webinar we will cover:

  • Your GivingTuesday email marketing timeline
  • Messaging best practices for before, during, and after GivingTuesday
  • Personalizing your email marketing to match your campaign
  • How to use the free email marketing platform from your donation form, donation website, and fundraising campaign

Did you know twenty-eight percent of all nonprfoits online revenue orginates from email marketing? Take advantage of the free tools at your fingertips to reach your supporters today and get them invloved on GivingTuesday. Register today!